• For smooth operation of Ethernet/PS•Data interfaced devices,
WV-ASM200/WV-ASC970 and System650EX/System650/System150
(WJ-SX150A version 2.0 or higher)
• Integrated system control: camera, recorder and switcher
• User level management and user assignable buttons
• Universal design for Right or Left handed
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• Camera zoom in/out, OSD control
• RS-485 communication
• Zoom camera RJ-45 connector control
منتشرشده در لوازم جانبی
• Controp up to 255 PTZ Cameras/DVRs
• Built-in 3 Axis twist zoom joystick
• Built-in Jog shuttle
• 16 x 2 Character LCD display
• RS-485 and RS-422 interface
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شنبه, 18 دی 1395 12:29

كنترلر سامسونگ SPC-2000

• Superior system compatibility
• 3D joystick control
• Quick and easy installation
• NET-i viewer support
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پنج شنبه, 16 دی 1395 13:51

كیبورد كنترل هایك ویژن DS-1100KI

• 7” TFT touch screen at 800×480 resolution
• Live view and playback of video on screen at up to 1080p resolution
• 1-channel video decoding for local preview
• Video capture and recording to local USB flash disk
• Compatible with DVR/DVS, matrix, network camera/dome, PC-DVR, etc.
• Support 15 operators, and each user is allowed to operate
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پنج شنبه, 16 دی 1395 13:50

كیبورد كنترل سامسونگ SPC-6000

• 5" TFT touch LCD
• Control PTZ dome cameras, DVRs and
matrix switchers
• Centralized control up to 255 units with
a single controller
• Connect to a system up to 16 controllers
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پنج شنبه, 16 دی 1395 13:47

كیبورد كنترل هایك ویژن DS-1003KI

• Incorporate all DVR front panel functions
• Control DVR and PTZ separately
• Support DVR and keyboard cascading
•2D joystick
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